How much is Odell Beckham’s contract with the Browns?

The Browns got Odell Beckham Jr. on a five year, $77 million contract, which Mike Florio says is a bargain, considering the potential he brings to Cleveland.

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has agreed to a five-year contract extension with the New York Giants, the team announced Monday. Beckham’s deal is worth as much as $95 million and includes about $65 million in guaranteed money, according to a person familiar with the negotiations.

Also, what is Obj salary? Odell Beckham Jr. has agreed to a five-year extension with the New York Giants that makes him the highest-paid wide receiver in football. The agreement reworks Beckham’s 2018 contract into a $1.459 million salary with a $20 million signing bonus.

Then, how many years does OBJ have left on his contract?

“It’s a five-year extension, six years total,” Gettleman said. “We got him until he’s 108.

Who is the highest paid receiver in the NFL?

Falcons extend Julio Jones, making him the NFL’s highestpaid wide receiver. The Atlanta Falcons have given Julio Jones the hefty contract extension they’d promised, making him the NFL’s highestpaid wide receiver.

How long is Eli Manning’s contract?

#68 Eli Manning Manning has two years remaining on the four-year, $84 million contract extension he signed in September 2015.

How much does Tom Brady make a year?

Currently, Brady makes an annual salary of $15 million per year, which makes him the 18th highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, according to

How Much Does Aaron Rodgers make?

#16 Aaron Rodgers Last August, Rodgers signed a then-record four-year contract worth $134 million; his base salary in 2019 will be $20 million.

How much Odell make a week?

Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants has signed a five-year contract extension, reportedly for $95 million, making him the highest-paid wide-receiver in NFL history.

Who Is Highest Paid NFL QB?

The highest paid player in the league is currently Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. He makes $35 million in average annual salary per year. The quarterback position dominates the list.

Who is the highest paid player in the NFL 2018?

The NFL’s Highest-Paid Players 2018: Aaron Rodgers Leads With $76 Million. Aaron Rodgers was the NFL’s highest-paid player for three years starting in 2013 with an average annual salary of $22 million.

Did Odell Beckham request a trade?

In a blockbuster heard around the NFL on Tuesday night, the New York Giants have reportedly traded Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. The deal was first reported by the NFL’s Network’s Mike Garafolo, who had to assure the Twitterverse that he was indeed serious.

Did OBJ demand a trade?

Seeking Restructured Contract from Browns After Trade. Following his reported trade to the Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham Jr. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the Browns have agreed to send the 17th overall pick in the 2019 draft, a third-round pick and safety Jabrill Peppers to the New York Giants for Beckham.

Who is OBJ agent?

Team Beckham was at Giants camp on Thursday. Zeke Sandhu, Beckham’s agent, was spotted in the family and friends section during practice as negotiations between the team and the player on a potential contract extension move forward.

How much does OBJ make endorsements?

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has inked a $29 million, five-year deal with Nike according to footwear news site Nicekicks, which added that it was the largest endorsement contract ever signed by a National Football League player.

Who makes the most money in the NBA?

The 24 highest-paid players in the NBA for the 2018-19 season Stephen Curry — $37.5 million. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images. Blake Griffin — $31.9 million. Gordon Hayward — $31.2 million. Kyle Lowry — $31 million. Paul George — $30.6 million. Mike Conley — $30.5 million. James Harden — $30.4 million. Kevin Durant — $30 million.

How much does Russell Wilson make per game?

Wilson’s $140 million, four-year extension puts him at the top of the NFL salary food chain for now. He has the highest yearly average salary at $35 million per season.

What is Obj net worth?

As of 2020, Odell Beckham Jr’s net worth is approximately $25 million dollars.

Did the Browns cut Odell Beckham?

Odell Beckham’s first season with the Browns was similar to his last two with the Giants: somewhat productive, tainted by injury, and marred by plenty of drama about his future. Stefanski cut his teeth as an offensive coordinator, so surely the prospect of having a playmaker like OBJ at his disposal is alluring.